Craig Smith and Dave Copenhaver – The Parasite

Craig Smith - Parasite

Track Listing

01 Eat The Pig Head To Tail
02 A Parable Of Evil
03 Champions
04 The Announcement of Exchange
05 A New Logic
06 Little Kings
07 A Phoenix of Hosts
08 The Joker
09 A Chance Event


All songs by Craig Smith and Dave Copenhaver. Published by Lunasong Music 2011

Except Track 9 by T.Monk/C.Williams/B.Hanighen/C.Smith Published by Thelonious Music Corp/Lunasong Music 2011.

All lyrics adapted from The Paraiste by Michael Serres 1980. Translated by Lawrence R. Schehr, University of Minnesota Press 2007.

Recorded March and April 2011 at Studios Seven, Oklahoma City USA
Produced by Dave Copenhaver and Craig Smith.

Engineered by Dave Copenhaver.

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