Roger Lienke – Roger’s Back


Roger's Back

Roger Lienke – Roger’s Back

Track Listing

01 Instrumental
02 Walking On The Water
03 It’s All Over America
04 One Tie All Tie (The Pact of Darkness)
05 One Of Those Accidents
06 Flying Over Again
07 Good To Yourself
08 Talking Pictures, Silent Dreams
09 I’d Rather Not Go Out Today
10 Ever Binding Love
11 A Man Among Men
12 When THe Wolf Gets Out
13 Human Being
14 Hit And Run Man
15 Genevieve
16 My Jack

Piano and Vocals: Roger Lienke
Guest vocal: Bill Byrd
Art Direction: Diana Lanier
Art Work: Elizabeth Hahn
Graphics: Rea Baldridge and Frank Parman
Photography and Concept: Steve Gerig and Greg May

All songs by Roger Lienke and recorded in 1985

Mastered April 2011 by Dave Copenhaver.