Spring 2007

Hear Me

Albert Aguilar – Hear Me

Albert Aguilar’s “Hear Me” is now available on Lunacy Records. Eleven original songs featuring Albert’s passionate vocals and guitar. With help from session musicians Dennis Borycki, Kullen Fuchs, Mike Alexander, Tre Burton, James Keys and others, Albert has fashioned a CD that is definitely in the middle of today’s rock/pop market place. Standouts are Hear Me, Chasers, and Movie Star.

Parks Family

Parks Family

The Parks Family Band self-titled CD is available now. Blue grass originated with the family sitting around in the evenings and everybody grabbing an instrument. The Parks Family carries on this tradition with Kenny on bass, Cindy on guitar, Sam on mandolin and guitar, Blake on fiddle, and Joel on percussion and guitar. The vocals are shared by everyone and as we all know there is something special about family harmony. The 14 songs are a mix of originals and traditional blue grass favorites. 100% acoustic! Available now on Lunacy Records.

1. Songwriter Jack Hughes has been working diligently in the studio lately. Jack has crafted a group of songs that are the personification of Midwest/Americana. Cuts like “Love Will Set You Free” and “Tulsa Moon” stand toe to toe with the likes of Seger and Henley. Release date in 2007.

2. Lunacy artist Curt Shoemaker has been recording tracks for his follow-up to last year’s “The Shoe”. Enlisting the same crew of Dennis Borycki, Terry Scarberry, Steve Short, Les Gilliam and David Short, Curt is sure to continue making waves in the steel guitar world. Release date in 2007.

Curt is currently touring in support of the “The Shoe” and can be seen at most steel guitar shows throughout the U.S.

3. Contemporary Christian songwriter Toye Smith has been recording a new CD featuring a full choir on several songs. The CD will be out in 2007.

4. Songwriter Hannah Deason recently tracked 15 songs. Some featured a full band and others acoustic guitar and vocals. This girl is a songwriting machine, never a shortage of material with Hannah. Look for her in 2007.

5. “Those Guyz” featuring Kenny Kautz, guitar; Roy Gonzales, vocals, guitar; David Edde, drums; Greg Moody, bass; and Geoff White, keys new CD is out on Triple Tower Records. Recorded, mixed and mastered at Lunacy Records.

6. Norman proto-punks “Blemish” did a reunion session and blew the roof off the place. Craig Smith, Kevin O’Brian and Aaron McGoldrick were joined by Mark Metzger (Chainsaw Kittens) for the rockin’ set. Available on Lunacy Records.

7. Country artist Pake McEntire has been doing marathon sessions at Studio Seven lately. With the help of session men Short, Scarberry, Borycki and Copenhaver, Pake tracked 26 songs over a 3 day period. Look for at least 2 releases in 2007.

8. Stephanie Musser recently completed a project for Harpo Productions.

9. Oklahoma legend Jim Edgar was in the studio tracking with “Christian Heart.”. What a pleasure it is to get to work with one of your heroes. Jim sounded great. Elvis was in the house!

10. Ronnie and Imods were in and tracked 2 smokin’ songs “Cowboy Man” and “Hey Lou”. Available now on ITunes.

11. Also in the house were Danny White, Sam Stout, Gary Gibson, Gene Stone, Rachael Meyers, and David Bryant.