Summer 2005




SPARKSTER  a fresh rock act hailing from Nashville, TN, has released their debut record.  The band visited Studio Seven for about a week around Christmas with Executive Producer Chuck Goff (bass player with Toby Keith Band).  The first single “Ms.Teen” was released to radio April 15, 2005.  The project was produced by Dave Copenhaver.

Lunacy Records records International Gospel singing legend, Nancy Harmon.  Nancy visited Studio Seven in March tracking four songs for her upcoming new release.  Utilizing the talents of session pros Steve Short, Terry Scarberry, and Dennis Borycki.


Maggie McClure - What's It Like?

Maggie McClure – What’s It Like?

Norman singer/songwriter Maggie McClure has finished tracking and mixing for her new CD “What its Like.”


Steel Horses

Natchez – Steel Horses

Jon Mead and Natchez new CD “Steel Horses” was recently reviewed by Taxi.  Anybody in the music business knows these guys get paid to slam your stuff quote “It rocks like a big dog, sounds like Leonard Skynard and the Stones.”

  • OKC country/rock band “Valarie Jayne and Wild Card” recently started an album project.  Four songs have been tracked and are sounding great.  Valarie and the guys have quite a dynamic stage show and can be seen performing at the “Break Away” club (23rd and Council) Thursday, Friday and Saturday every week.  Check them out.
  • Tucker Road “the new red dirt sound” still in the new studio refining tracks.  Singer Jason Rogers and the guys continue writing new songs.  Just can’t seem to get them to stop long enough to finish the songs that are already tracked.
  • Los Angeles based Christian singer, Dan Sampson stopped by for a few days in March to finish vocals on a project started in 2004.
  • The Classen School of Advanced Studies guitar program is doing a CD project under the direction of Jack Jones.  Can you say 150 guitar players!!!  Everything from groups of 30-40, to octets, quartets, duos, and solos.  The talent of these young musicians is astounding.
  • Stephanie Musser working on a follow up to her CD “Where the Wind Blows”.
  • Rock band Animosity just finished a 6 song EP.  Look for these guys on the local scene soon.