Gary D – Place of Peace

Released World-Wide April 30, 2019

Track List

  1. Angels Watching
  2. Be Attitudes
  3. Fragile Peace
  4. Place of Peace
  5. Real Love
  6. Set it Free
  7. Your Love

Gary DeVore – Vocals, Guitar
Dave Copenhaver – Bass
Steve Short – Drums, Percussion
Ben Butler – Drums, Percussion
Ryan Jones – Hammond Organ
Terry Scarberry – Guitars
Earl Hefley – Soprano Sax, Flute

All songs by Gary DeVore, Lunasong Music BMI 2019
Produced by Dave Copenhaver
Recorded at Studio Seven/Lunacy Records, OKC
Cover by Tiffany Mollohan / Layout by LunaVision
Catalog# LUN82892
UPC: 737887828924
[email protected]
[email protected]
(405) 236-0643

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