Chad Evan Todd – The Home Brew Album


The Home Brew Album

Chad Evan Todd – The Home Brew Album

Track Listing

01 You Still Get To Me
02 The Beer Song
03 One Perfect Ride
04 I’m Gonna Drink
05 The Void
06 Bull Rider
07 The Lesser of Two Evils
08 Just For Me
09 We’re Dancin’ Al Around It
10 Madd Dog 20/20
11 You And Me

Chad Evan Todd: Lead Vocals
Terry Scarberry: Guitars
Steve Short: Drums
Dennis Borycki: Keyboards
Dave Copenhaver: Bass
Dean McCoy: Steel
Johnie Helms: Steel
Gary Howe: Fiddle
Greg Burgess: Fiddle
Shawna Russell: Background Vocals
Tim Russell: Background Vocals

Produced by Dave Copenhaver.