J. Paul Hancock Band – Beyond The Bleak River


Beyond The Bleak River

J. Paul Hancock Band – Beyond The Bleak River

Track Listing

01 The Door
02 Heart of Gall
03 I’m Ever Glad of the Day I Found You
04 Eve Of Destruction
05 Can’t Paw
06 The Distance
07 In An Intemporal Probe
08 Pipeline Vs. The Surfer’s Salvation
09 Beyond The Bleak River
10 Lord Of Loners, Drunkards, Revelers, and Thieves
11 MHE
12 You Look So Nice
13 Sgt. Slip
14 Saurophaganax Maximus Blues
15 My Lady
16 A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall
17 Easy
18 Tobacco Juice and Bullet Holes In The Walls and Floors and Random Array
19 The Seer King
20 Schlummerlied

Rick Hampton – Drums and Vocals
Dave English – Vocals, Bass Guitar, and Harmonica
Joe Hancock – Vocals, Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, and Ebow

Additional Drums – James Keys
Voices – Megan English
Cover art “The Angel of the Lord Appeared to the Wife of Monoah” by Dave English

Produced and Recorded by Dave Copenhaver
Recorded at Studio Seven