Lunacy Records – Music Dealers Announcement

We’re excited to announce that Lunacy Records has been accepted as a Record Label that can submit our Artist’s original works for licensing opportunities!

Music Dealers is a music agency that works with brands, agencies, TV networks, and film & game studios. They help content creators drive value for their businesses by realizing the full potential of authentic music.

They’re a high-quality music licensing platform providing pre-cleared music, custom song creation, and major rights clearance for content creators.

If you’re interested in licensing opportunities for your music and being added to our Music Dealer’s Catalog – contact us for details.

Lunacy Records on Music Dealers

About Music Dealers

We exist to create new opportunities for independent and emerging artists around the world, while connecting music-seekers with the best songs and artists to enhance their work.

We are the only company in the world that can do what we do. Music Dealers combines the world’s largest, hand-selected catalog of pre-cleared, independent music with an amazing team of music and technology professionals to offer an unprecedented list of music-related services.

Our unique Global Artist Community is at the heart of our model. We receive thousands of submissions each month from independent artists and producers around the world. Even though we receive an incredible amount of music nonstop, we physically listen to each and every song that comes our way. Because of this, we not only ensure the quality of the music but also review, categorize and tag each song by hand. The Discovery Tool, our proprietary music search engine, uses these tags to offer our clients the most specific and accurate music search in the industry.

Music Dealers was started by a group of musicians and entrepreneurs in 2008 with one office in Chicago. In a short time, the company has grown to have offices in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta and London. By consistently building a unique team with varied backgrounds in the entertainment, technology and business fields, the company has been able to bridge the gap between the independent music scene and the worlds of professional media clients.

In early 2011, Music Dealers formalized a partnership with The Coca-Cola Company to connect the world’s most valuable brand with independent artists and music from around the world.